Cash Flow Investing: Options Trading vs Dividend Growth Investing

I have been a dividend growth investor for six years and an options trader for the last three years. Both strategies have been thoroughly enjoyable and lucrative, helping me buy a house, a car, and peace of mind along the way (it has a price tag). But which is better for cash flow investing? At … Read more

Stock Market Arbitrage

Options trading for monthly income

Arbitrage is the art of making money on price differentials or inefficiencies in a market. I take advantage of stock market arbitrage in three ways: The difference in owning 100 shares of a stock vs. owning a synthetic position (selling a put and buying a call) The difference in my unlimited time range and ability … Read more

Profit from the Stock Market Without Owning Stocks

Options trading for monthly income

Many people are looking to grow their wealth but are afraid of the daily fluctuations of the stock market. I believe if people could watch their cash pile regularly grow then they may be able to tune out the noise of daily stock quotes and the occasional decline in share price. Imagine a brand new … Read more