The Best Material UI (Version 5) Course on Udemy

Material-UI is an incredible library with great documentation and ever-growing online resources. I’ve written 200+ articles on Material-UI, and yet I still find new features and run across new challenges regularly. A dedicated video training course can reduce the learning curve for any new library, especially one as robust as Material-UI.

I now have my MUI own course on Udemy! I focus on advanced component styling, nested selectors, when to use sx, styled API, or theme, and so much more! I will include a review of my own course below, or take a look for yourself: Advanced Material-UI Component Styling: The Complete Course.


My course includes an active Q&A section.

Udemy often runs sales, and I include price-check button. If you purchase my course, it supports my site and I really appreciate it!

Advanced Material-UI Component Styling: The Complete Course

NEW as of September 2022!!!


  • Active Q&A with ME!
  • Good audio quality
  • Learn to build an app from beginning to end
  • No course goes deeper on component styling
  • Use and style the most challenging MUI components
    • TextField
    • Autocomplete
    • Select
    • DatePicker
    • DataGrid
    • Table
    • And MORE!
  • Expert level content but includes Beginner and Intermediate app building
  • Low base price (relative to many Udemy courses): $39.99
  • New!
  • I opted in to Udemy Deals program (The course might go on sale)
  • My first course ever! I will continue to improve it and add content. You get lifetime access.

MUI Content Discussed: AppBar, Drawer, Buttons, Icons, React-Router Links (integration with MUI), Form components, TextField, Autocomplete, Select, DatePicker, DataGrid, Table, Grid.

Good-to-know: Download the “Basic” app at the beginning of the course or the completed “Beautiful” app at the start of the advanced content. Lots of over-the-should screen-share.

Pre-reqs: Basic React knowledge.

“What You’ll Learn” on the course homepage:

  • Uses MUI v5
  • Learn how to style ANY Material-UI component
  • Understand when to use sx, styled API, or theme
  • Explore how MUI components render as DOM elements
  • Create advanced nested selectors using the default classes that render with MUI components
  • Control the width and height of rows, cells, columns, and child components in the MUI Table, Data Grid, Grid, and more
  • Customize the spacing (padding AND margin) for every component, especially the Grid, Stack, and Box
  • Design perfect alignment with flex and flex properties
  • Deeply understand every MUI form component, plus the Grid, Table, and Data Grid
  • Build a Material-UI app from scratch
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4 thoughts on “The Best Material UI (Version 5) Course on Udemy”

  1. The course “Implement High Fidelity Designs with Material-UI and ReactJS” seems to be using version 4 of Material UI; is that correct? It sounds like a good course, but why should I spend my time learning v4? Do you know if the author is going to update the course to work with v5?

    • Hi John, good question. I see that Zachary, the course creator, updated the course last month. I’ll confirm with him that the course now includes MUI v5. Even if it doesn’t, it’s still a good value. The primary change from v4 to v5 is the styling system, and you can read more about those changes in this post: The Ultimate Guide to the MUI ‘sx’ Prop

      ***Update: I spoke to the course creator and he said he is planning on updating the Udemy course with MUI V5 content by March 2022.

      ***Update 2 (September 2022): The course still has a note that says to install Material-UI v4 instead of v5. Check out my course, which uses MUI v5.

  2. Hey I am planning to go through “Implement High Fidelity Designs with Material-UI and ReactJS”. but I have one question is this course contains the updated version of mui5?

    • The course creator added a note to his course in that says to install Material-UI v4 instead of v5. He has not removed this note as of September 2022. I am unsure if his course is on v4 or v5. My course uses MUI v5.


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