The Essential Guide to the Material-UI Progress Bar: Color, Percent, and More

The MUI Progress Bar, more formally known as the MUI LinearProgress component, gives a user visual feedback while waiting for resources to load in a web page. In this tutorial I will customize the progress bar with dynamic color based on load value, a percent label, and both vertical and horizontal orientation. Here’s a screenshot … Read more

JSS vs Styled Components: Deciding Which to Use

JSS and Styled Components are two excellent styling libraries with wide usage, strong features, and popular support. As of September 2021, both libraries are hovering around the 2.5 million weekly downloads mark. If you are comparing JSS vs Styled Components for a new project, the below examples and guide should help you make a decision. … Read more

Three Ways to Create Media Queries in JSS

JSS provides the underlying styling syntax and functionality in many UI libraries. For example, React Material-UI’s styling and theme system is directly built on the syntax seen in JSS. In these examples of different ways to write media queries in JSS, I will use react-jss. This library is provided by the JSS team and integrates … Read more