How to Start a Programming Blog: A Three-Year Path to Making $100 a Day

How to Start a Programming Blog

In April 2020 I started this site. The world had been thrown into disarray by coronavirus and the U.S. job market suddenly looked gloomy. I figured having a portfolio of code that I could demonstrate in an interview was my best protection. Coding in the evening also made me better at my current job. Write … Read more

How I Built an Online Business That Any Software Developer Could Build

My Spoke-And-Wheel Business Model Inspired By James Altucher Back in April 2020 I started getting worried. The world was turning upside down for most people, significant (and apparently not temporary) layoffs were happening across the U.S., and even those of us fortunate enough to be able to work from home were not safe. On top … Read more

The Best Side Hustles for Each Stage of a Developer’s Career

Software development and entrepreneurship are made for each other. Our craft enables us to work from anywhere, often asynchronously from team members or clients. We are capable of creating long-lived assets (that’s right, assets can be created, not just purchased). Our skills are in high demand, both in the professional world and the world of … Read more

Why You Should Teach Software Engineering

As a developer, you have received so much. Your education came from many sources, often freely given. As you grow in your career and expand your knowledge base, consider taking a formal position that allows you to share that knowledge. I’ll discuss the benefits from my perspective of previously teaching a JavaScript boot camp and … Read more

Cash Flow Investing: Options Trading vs Dividend Growth Investing

Cash flow investing ranking: DGI vs Options Trading

I have been a dividend growth investor for six years and an options trader for the last three years. Both strategies have been thoroughly enjoyable and lucrative, helping me buy a house, a car, and peace of mind along the way (it has a price tag). But which is better for cash flow investing? At … Read more