The Ultimate MUI RadioGroup Example (Five Best Features!)

The MUI RadioGroup is a specialized component for wrapping radio buttons and controlling alignment. As we will see later, it renders the same as a FormGroup except with role=”radiogroup”. Here’s the example we will build in this tutorial: This RadioGroup has an onChange handler and can be given error and disabled states through its parent … Read more

Custom MUI FormControlLabel Examples: Font Size, Width, Error

The Material UI FormControlLabel is composed of a FormControl, a Label, and whatever control component is passed in (checkbox, switch, radio). This means we have to explore the DOM to find classes to use as selectors and make sure we target the correct child element. Here’s what we will create in this tutorial: This post … Read more

Awesome MUI Checkbox Examples: Color, Size, Labels, More

The Material UI Checkbox component can be customized either with props or by creating nested selectors. The checkbox has lots of default classes applied based on its state (checked, error, disabled) that can be used to customize the icon color and size. In this tutorial, I will create the below checkbox. It has custom checked … Read more