The Ultimate Guide to Material-UI Table Pagination (MUI v5)

Material-UI Table Pagination Example

Table pagination can be broken into two conceptual pieces: the UI interface for changing pages, and the paginated data request. Material-UI’s TablePagination component is a robust component for solving the UI interface. The MUI TablePagination component is a dynamic and highly customizable component. It has 18 props listed in the docs, and these control everything … Read more

The Easiest Way to Implement Material-UI Table Search and Filter

A search bar on a UI table is a feature many users have come to expect. However, the Material-UI Table component does not have an out-of-the-box search feature. Not to worry, the React community has stepped up and provided several Material-UI search bar examples and solutions, two of which I will discuss in this article. … Read more

How to Implement Material-UI Table Horizontal Scroll

The Material-UI Table documentation has examples of tables that have slick horizontal scroll. But how is this accomplished? There is no specific code in the example that enables this. However, we can accomplish horizontal scroll in only a few lines of code. A Code Sandbox link is in the Resources section. Wrap the Table in a TableContainer … Read more