How to Create a MUI Table with Edit and Delete Rows Feature

The MUI Table can quickly be enhanced with edit and delete functionality. A good approach is to use state management, perhaps even useState, and click listeners to swap a TextField into a Cell and capture user typing. Deleting requires a component column and another useState value. Here’s what we will build: Notice there is no … Read more

How to Change Bootstrap Accordion Background Color

The Bootstrap Accordion component has several subcomponents that can be styled with text color, background color, and borders. These components are created by adding classes to elements and include the accordion-header, the accordion-button, the accordion-collapse, and the accordion-body. In this tutorial, we will style the accordion components by customizing existing Bootstrap variables that these classes … Read more

How to Customize Bootstrap NavBar Background and Text Color

The Bootstrap NavBar has several available classes for optimizing text color, background color, and other properties. However, understanding when to use these classes and how to customize them can be challenging. In this tutorial we will create a NavBar with the following custom features: Here is the Bootstrap NavBar what we will build in this … Read more

The Complete Guide to Bootstrap Font Size

Bootstrap has some great built-in methods for setting element font size and making font size responsive. In this tutorial I will discuss and demo the most features Bootstrap offers for controlling font size. Here is a screenshot of elements with a custom root font size sass variable: In the sections below we will explore Bootstrap … Read more