Set a Minimum Display Time for Material-UI Skeleton Loader

JavaScript Loading

The Material-UI Skeleton gives a great visual treat to users of your website or app. It’s strength is that it makes the user feel as though the app is useful and useable before critical loading is completed. Let’s configure a Material-UI Skeleton Loader to display for 1 second OR the loading time of an API … Read more

How to Override TextField Border Color in Material UI

Disabled TextField with customer border color

I spent quite a few hours recently on a seemingly simple task: customizing the border color of a Material UI TextField when a variant and disabled state were applied. It was difficult to find good documentation and I expect others may benefit from a few examples presented here. Override TextField Border in Disabled State (YouTube … Read more

Material-Table AutoFocus on Row Add

material-table autofocus

Material-Table is a react data table based on Material-UI. It is quick to implement and will feel familiar to any developer experienced with React and MUI. It is also relatively easy to customize, such as adding autoFocus to the first input when adding a new row to a table. I recently was using an editable … Read more

How to Override Material UI Default Styling When All Else Fails

Overwrite Material UI Styles

Anyone using Material UI has been there: you tried every trick and yet Material UI default styling is overriding your custom styling. This happens with padding, margin, colors, and more. Worry no more, I’m about to give you the Material UI bazooka. (If you haven’t tried every trick in the book, then simply start with … Read more