The Ultimate Guide to React-Bootstrap Form Control Border, Hover, and Focus Color

React-Bootstrap Form Control components are used in combination with other components. In this tutorial I will customize form control border, hover, and focus color when the component is inside of an Input component. Bootstrap has built-in classes that we can use to control this styling. These classes are available in vanilla Bootstrap and React-Bootstrap. Here’s … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to React-Bootstrap Hover Effects (3 Demos!)

Hover effects are important for creating a perfect UI design. React-Bootstrap offers several methods of adding hover effects on components. In this tutorial we will add hover effects to a Card component using CSS, React hooks, and the OverlayTrigger component. Here’s what we will build: In the screenshot above I triggered hover effects on three … Read more

How To Style React-Bootstrap ToolTip Background & Border Color

React-Bootstrap uses the Overlay component to construct ToolTips and other popper components. In this tutorial we will add simple background and border styling. Then we will add a more complex border that wraps the pointer arrow on the ToolTip. Here’s what we will build: My demo is inspired by this great tooltip post by Calvin … Read more

Create a React-Bootstrap Overlay ToolTip with Arrow and Custom Position

React-Bootstrap has two options for tooltips: an Overlay component that can have a manually constructed tooltip (for complex requirements) or a simpler OverlayTarget and Tooltip. The example in the docs for the Overlay is good. In this tutorial, we will construct a ToolTip using the Overlay component and add a pointer arrow and custom position. … Read more

How to Create a Bootstrap TextField (Like MUI’s TextField)

In this tutorial we will create a TextField that follows Material Design principles for TextFields. It will look and feel like the MUI outlined variant TextField. We will use React-Bootstrap but this could be done in a similar way with vanilla Bootstrap. Here is what we will create: We’ll start with a React-Bootstrap InputGroup and … Read more

How to Change Bootstrap Accordion Background Color

The Bootstrap Accordion component has several subcomponents that can be styled with text color, background color, and borders. These components are created by adding classes to elements and include the accordion-header, the accordion-button, the accordion-collapse, and the accordion-body. In this tutorial, we will style the accordion components by customizing existing Bootstrap variables that these classes … Read more